Yoshi Nakagawa


“There is great beauty in our everyday lives: a morning serving of a gleaming red pomegranate, the selfless gesture from a crafty mother, finding inner peace in the midst of loneliness. This is what catches my imagination and propels me towards printmaking. Well-known objects become metaphors to share my appreciation and convey human experience. My attention to details, textures, and patterns of the natural world inspire me to create. I use relief, etching, monotype, and mixed media, reveling in the methodical process and acknowledging the gratification when my work goes through the press.”
Yoshi Nakagawa

 Yoshi Nakagawa is an American print artist who is now based in Oaxaca.  Following an eight year career in Seattle where she exhibited her work in both group and solo exhibitions, Yoshi also taught collagraph printmaking and was involved in local art events such as art walks.   In 2010 she decided to take a break from life in the US and travelled to Iceland, Mexico and Argentina, eventually settling on Oaxaca as the best place to find work and live a simple life.

Yoshi has shown her work in a number of collective exhibitions in Oaxaca including ‘Yo Grabo’ and ‘Atisbos’ at Taller Rufino Tamayo, where she currently prints her work, and “Noche de Humo” at Cuarto Contemporaneo.

In November this year Yoshi organised the inaugural Feria Gráfica Oaxaca 2013 with local artist Leonardo Torres Novoa.  Held at the Taller Espacio Alternativo  it was an opportunity for local artists to sell directly to the public without paying high commissions to galleries or intermediaries.  The Feria ran for three days and featured over 30 resident artists.  Yoshi is also interested in developing art walks and artist exchanges in Oaxaca.

You can see more of Yoshi’s art and purchase prints on her website.  She is also available for classes in art, languages and Japanese cooking.



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