Sunday, May 28

UNESCO Orchestra and Choir


The UNESCO Orchestra and Choir will be celebrating UNESCO‘s 70th anniversary with a series of free concerts in Oaxaca this week.

The first concert will be held at Santo Domingo Church on Wednesday, 1 July and will feature Mozart’s Coronation Mass, the overture from The Marriage of Figaro, and excerpts from Foure’s Requiem.

Joined by the Coro de la Ciudad de Oaxaca, Orquesta Infantil y Juvenil Esperanza Azteca Oaxaca, and the Orquesta Juvenil y Infantil de IEEPO, the concerts will feature a mix of arias, classical pieces and Mexican music.

The second concert will be in the Plaza de la Danza on 3 July, and the final performance at Teatro Macedonio Alcalá on 4 July.

Check our events calendar for more details.

UNESCO Choir and Orchestra
1, 3, 4 July 2015

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