Thursday, September 28

Trayectivo Oficios


Part of our urban identity is stored in our offices and during the Trayectivo Oficios cultural walk you’ll visit a variety of craftspeople and workers who give Oaxaca a special characteristic.

Trayectivo Oficios will explore how our urban identity has been constructed through the contributions of shoe makers, sign painters and other dedicated people and how they have helped to strengthen our social fabric.  It will explore the questions ‘what can our jobs show us about the future?’, ‘what can we learn from them to see the city in a different way?’, and if occupations change with communities, what are the occupations of the future?

The walk will start at 5pm on April 2nd at La Vocho and participation is by donation.

You can follow the event on Facebook or write to them for more info at

Trayectivo Oficios
5pm, April 2
El Vocho, Eduardo Vasconcelos #1121
(in front of the Baseball stadium)



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