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TRAYECTIVO is a cultural walk through the streets of downtown Oaxaca and an introduction to the various independent art spaces within our city.

The purpose of TRAYECTIVO is to generate and open spaces for audiences beyond their projects.  We want to give some time to discover and explore the spaces further, as well as to generate conversations with the creators in order to understand and reflect on the art displayed, because ultimately, art grows with reflection and analysis, as well as through the people themselves.

Oaxaca is known as a city rich in culture, as it moves constantly between tradition and innovation. Here, traditional culture mixes with contemporary art offering everything in a microcosm almost intentionally designed to be walked through. Although there are many museums and galleries of great renown in the city, there are still many places not known by the local community and tourists.

Our first event  is on Saturday, December 7th at 4pm and we have the following spaces confirmed: Ishuakara, La Jícara, Espacio Zapata, Galeria Gorilla, Taller Espacio Alternativo, Cuarto Contemporáneo, Tingladography, Talleres Comunitarios de Zegache and Colectivo Tutuma. Each space will present their projects and workshops in an informal format for around 5 to 10 minutes.  We’ll be spending no more than 20 minutes in each space.

Join TRAYECTIVO and explore with us new ways of looking at art and its processes.

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Written by Steve Tierney


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