Sunday, June 4

Trayectivo Graffiti Walk


Trayectivo is a cultural walk through the streets of downtown Oaxaca and this Saturday they’ll be exploring Oaxaca’s urban art and graffiti.

We spoke with organisers Steve and Goyo who told us about Saturday’s walk.

“In this edition of Trayectivo we want to talk about the relationship that Oaxaca has with graffiti and urban art.

2006 was a very complex year for all of us.  Through different aspects, including a build up of political, economic and social problems, it presented one the most profound crises our state has experienced.  During this time graffiti appeared on the streets in order to foster community conversations and to reflect on what was present in the collective imagination but no one had dared to express before.

In our next Trayectivo walk, we want to explore and pay special attention to the scars of our city, which even now remain as open wounds, and also to explain the many grateful expressions that the people, and our city, offer to the community and the many people who visit.

Graffiti is our scar, we are the cure.” (Trayectivo)

If you want to join Trayectivo for the graffiti walk, you’ll need to be at the Plaza de la Danza at 6pm.

The event is free but consider making a donation.

You can find more information about Trayectivo on their Facebook page.

Trayectivo Graffiti Walk
Saturday, October 17
6pm @ Plaza de la Danza



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