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Trayectivo Cine


Trayectivo Cine!  6 short films, 6 locations!

Trayectivo Cine is the result of a crazy idea that now is seeing the light thanks to Luna Maran, founder and producer of Campamente Audovisual Itinerante (CAI), an exciting audovisual project that takes place in different Oaxacan communities every summer.  The purpose of CAI is to train young creators from all over Mexico and give them the means to develop and share their own stories and visions, far away from the Hollywood landscape.

Trayectivo is experimenting with different formats and is giving local audiences a new way of seeing things and getting involved with our communities.  For this edition participants will have the opportunity to view 6 short films from the CAI program in 6 different venues, all of them with different purposes, but all embracing the community perspective: El Huacal, A.M. Siempre Café, La Jícara, El Foco Rojo, Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca and Colectivo Tutuma.

The films have been curated by Luna Maran and will include the following works from the program held in Santa Catarina Luchatao:

  • Jacinto
  • Quisiera conocerte
  • Las Chicas
  • Padiuxi
  • Sólo una vez

Lets get lost in the city of a thousand perspectives and challenge our minds in this 2 hours of walking and watching.

The meeting point is the BS Biblioteca Infantil in Jalatlaco at 6pm.  If you want to join the group later check the poster for the schedule.

This is a free event.

Trayectivo Cine
Saturday, December 19
BS Biblioteca Infantil, Jalatlaco

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