Sunday, May 28

Trayectivo Art Walk


Trayectivo is a cultural walk through the streets of downtown Oaxaca and an introduction to the various independent art spaces within the city.

Organiser Steve Tierney explained to us that “the purpose of Trayectivo is to generate and open spaces for audiences beyond their projects.  We want to give some time to discover and explore the spaces further, as well as to generate conversations with the creators in order to understand and reflect on the art displayed, because ultimately, art grows with reflection and analysis, as well as through the people themselves.”

This month’s event features a range of new spaces including Nuun Espacio de Arte, Kuchaku and Tingladography and will start at 5pm outside Cafe ‘El Volador (Calle Xolotl).  The walk will conclude at 8.15pm at La popular.

If you want to join them for the entire cultural walk, you’ll need to be outside Cafe ‘El Volador’ at 5pm or you can check the schedule below and meet up with the group at one of the other venues.

5pm             Meet outside Cafe ‘El Volador’, Calle Xolotl, go to Innovando la Tradición AC
5.50pm       Nuun Espacio de Arte
6.15pm        Taller Espacio Alternativo
6.35pm        Kuchaku
6.55pm        Mariana Grapain Etno Diseño
7.15pm        Xaquixe
7.35pm        Tingladography
7.55pm        Manuel Alvarez Bravo
8.15pm        La Popular

You can find more information about Trayectivo on their Facebook page.



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