Sunday, May 28

Trayectivo Art Walk returns for 2015


Trayectivo is a cultural walk through the streets of downtown Oaxaca and an introduction to the various independent art spaces within the city.

“Oaxaca is known as a city rich in culture, as it moves constantly between tradition and innovation. Here, traditional culture mixes with contemporary art offering everything in a microcosm almost intentionally designed to be walked through. Although there are many museums and galleries of great renown in the city, there are still many places not known by the local community and tourists” (Trayectivo’s Steve Tierney)

If you want to join them for the entire cultural walk, you’ll need to be at the Plazuela de Carmen Alto (next to the Carmen Alto Church) at 5pm or you can check the schedule below and meet up with the group at one of the other venues.

5pm             Taller Espacio Alternativo
5.40pm       Tingladography
6.10pm        Studio Xaquixe
7.10pm        Kuchakú
7.40pm        Centro Fotográfico Álvarez Bravo

The event is free but consider making a donation.

You can find more information about Trayectivo on their Facebook page.



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