Sunday, June 4

Saúl Fimbres


You know that moment when you hear some new music for the first time and you immediately fall in love?  That’s what happened the first time we heard Saul Fimbres.

His blend of acoustic bluesy-folk music makes us want to sink into a smoky corner with a mezcal which is exactly what we’re going to do when he plays at La Popular this Saturday 26 September and Friday 2 October.

As well as Oaxaca City the tour will head to the Sierra Mixe and Mazunte and will be accompanied by an exhibition of artworks by Ángela Leyva.

You can download Saul’s new album El Blues de las Amapolas on itunes.

¡Nos vemos ahí!

Saul Fimbres
26 September & 2 October 2015
La Popular


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