Thursday, June 8

Performing Arts Festival


Oaxaca will be celebrating the performing arts this week with the Muestra Estatal de Artes Escénicas, a week of free theatrical performances.

The festival opens on Monday, May 24 at Teatro Juárez with Tierra Independiente’s ‘Masiosare ¿la identidad me construye o yo construyo la identidad?’ Roughly translated as ‘Does identity construct me or do I construct identity?, the work is a reflection on the meaning of identity in the context of technology, social networks and globalisation.

Other performances include Teatro Cuauhpanco’s ‘The Secret Diary of Desdemona’, and ‘After all, I’m only a woman’ from Teatral Paso de Gato. The festival will close on Sunday, 31 May with a performance of ‘O’ by Idiotas Teatro.

Organised by state and national arts councils SECULTA and CONACULTA, the festival was created to strengthen the professionalism and production of the performing arts in Oaxaca and will include performances from 13 local theatre groups.

While the majority of events will be held in the Teatro Juárez, there will also be performances in the Abastos market, Foro de Arte Más, and Tierra Independiente.

All events are free.

You can download the full program here or check our events calendar for daily performances.

Muestra Estatal de Artes Escénicas
25 – 31 May

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