Sunday, May 28

Oaxaca, Fieebre and music with attitude


A few days ago Mexican band Fieebre! started the promotional tour of El Tiempo, their second album, in Oaxaca City. The group’s emerging yet solid career kicked off first in Mexico city and from that moment on their music took over the country with a bomb of melodic adrenaline and chaos – just like a fever does.

But why is Oaxaca the starting point? The five members of Fieebre! (a Oaxacan among them), agree that opening a tour in Oaxaca is a sort of ritual (their first tour began here too). The city fills them with the energy they need for travelling around the country playing their music. Moreover, the band confesses that Oaxacans are always open and looking for creative and innovative proposals, especially when it comes to art, music and expression.

During the press conference and acoustic concert held in Moonster Saloon Bar, the group talked about their favourite musical genres and sources of inspiration. On the new album,  Fieebre! explore disco-rock beats and their lyrics delve into transcendence and chaos.  This lure for adventure is the reason the band doesn’t reduce their music into one genre.

One of the most electrifying things about the band is that they are completely independent. They move away from the commercial realm and are always faithful to their very own concepts. Follow the steps of Fieebre! around Mexico on their official Facebook page.

We raise our mezcal glass and wish them good luck!



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