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Festival de la Cerveza Artesanal


Everyone knows that Oaxaca is home to the best artisanal mezcal but did you also know that Oaxaca produces some impressive craft beers?  The Festival de la Cerveza Artesanal will be held in Oaxaca for the first time this December and is the perfect opportunity to try some of the great beers that are being locally produced.

The festival will officially open at 12pm on Saturday, December 5 and will include presentations of new products, beer degustations (‘Beer Tasting for Beginners’ and ‘Beers with Personality’), and food.  Casa Cervecera Tierra Blanca will present a talk entitled ‘Beer Design: Creating a unique experience’.

Other participants include Don Enrique Cerveceria, Cerveza 8 Regiones, Biercito Cerveza Artesanal, Cerveza Artesanal Calenda, Casa Cervecera Tierra Blanca, Consejo Cervecero Oaxaqueño, Teufel Cerveceria, Santisima Flor de Lupulo, La Miscelánea, Santa Helodia and Verde Aromo Cafe.

Throughout the day there will be music from DJ Netho Selektor and from 7pm there will be live music from Monnoz and The Buonamico’s Band.

Entrance is $60.

Festival de la Cerveza Artesanal
Saturday, December 5
Círculo Gastronómico Oaxaqueño
5 de Mayo #306, Barrio de Jalatlaco

beer program

beer poster


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