Thursday, June 8

Noche de Rábanos


It’s almost Christmas which means it’s time for Noche de Rábanos or Radish Night!

Both a competition and exhibition, Noche de Rábanos is held in the zocalo on the 23rd of December and has been a part of Christmas celebrations in Oaxaca every year since 1897.  It’s one of our favourite events.

Local artisans will sculpt a variety of radishes into people, animals, nativity, and agricultural scenes.  There will also be exhibits using dried flowers and corn husks.

The exhibition officially opens at 4pm however it’s possible to go earlier in the day and see the displays being put together.  This is a great opportunity to see the artisans at work.  We recommend getting there early as the queues are long and you might be waiting for 1-2 hours.  Don’t let that put you off though, the designs are amazing and it’s definitely worth it!

There will be a fireworks display at the end of the night.

Noche de Rábanos
23 December
Zocalo, Centro

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