Thursday, June 8

Mezcalaria – a new app for mezcal


If you like mezcal then make sure you download the new app ‘Mezcalaria –  a guide to wild agave and ancestral mezcals’ developed by In Situ Mezcaleria‘s Ulises Torrentera.

On the ‘Magueyes’ page of this Spanish language guide you’ll find information and photos of twelve of the most common wild and cultivated agaves used to make different types of artesanal mezcals.  If you want to know more about where your mezcal comes from this is a great place to start.

The guide also explains how mezcal is made and takes us step by step through the diverse processes used to make traditional mezcal here in Oaxaca.  Likening the process to winemaking, it explains that different flavours are obtained based on the type of agave used and the environment where it grows.

The degustation guide offers some good tips for choosing a mezcal as well as instructions for drinking it and fully appreciating the flavours.

The ‘Mezcalaria’ app is free and is available for iphone and Android.


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