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Mezcal drinkers needed!


If you’re a resident of Oaxaca and you drink mezcal you might like to participate in this study being conducted by Sergio García Barrón as part of his doctorate studies at CIATEJ, a public research centre that is part of the National Council for Science and Technology in Guadelajara.

The study aims to understand the differences between consumers of mezcal in four different cities in Mexico, including Oaxaca.

The test is split into three parts.

The first section explores the attributes that influence a consumer to purchase a specific product e.g. region of origin, concentration of alcohol, and price.  This information will be crossed with the characteristics of the consumer.

The second part of the test will look at how a consumer describes the attributes of a product such as smell, taste, and sensations in the mouth.

The final part focuses on how the term mezcal is conceptualised by consumers from different regions – images, terms or values that are associated with the product.

The test includes mezcal tastings.

If you’d like to be part of this project it’s being run at Los Danzantes restaurant from 2 -10pm each day until August 31st (ask for Sergio Garcia Barron).    There will also be a talk about the project at 7.30pm on Saturday 30th at Salon Central.  You’ll also be able to complete the survey at this event.

Tests are in Spanish, free, and last approximately half an hour.  As the study is comparing consumers from different regions of Mexico, all participants must be from Oaxaca or have deep roots within the Oaxacan culture.

If you have any questions about the project you can contact the organisers through the Facebook event page.

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