Sunday, June 4

Maria Moctezuma


Mexican singer-songwriter Maria Moctezuma will be bringing her ‘Animal Tierra’ tour to Oaxaca on Friday August 8th.   Creator of the Raizoso sound, Moctezuma performs a fusion of native rhythms combined with modern instruments and samples.

Speaking about her new album, Moctezuma says, “The evolution of all rhythms has been generated by a chain of brotherhood and correlation that links histories and cultures and this project tries to show that. The lyrics on the record ‘Land Animal’ speak to us of a different possibility of seeing life and respect, proposing a more natural vision of the collective.” (translated by QPO).

Check out the official website for more videos and music.

Maria Moctezuma
8 August @ Colectivo Tutuma
Murguia 200, Centro, Oaxaca


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