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Maestros de Mezcal


If you love mezcal make sure you don’t miss the 2nd State Meeting of Maestros of Mezcal on December 11 and 12.

Maestros del Mezcal is a social organisation established to maintain and promote the rich culture and history behind traditional mezcal as well as protecting and educating the public about the natural resources used to make it.  They also aim to improve working environments and assist with certification so that these traditional products can be commercialised, improving the standard of living in mezcal producing regions, many of which are indigenous communities living in extreme poverty. The organisation represents over 200 mezcal producers in three regions of the state of Oaxaca; the Mixteca, the Central Valleys and the Sierra Sur including Nochixtlán, Silacayoápam, Coixtlahuaca, Huajuapan, Ejutla, Miahuatlán, Sola de Vega, Tlacolula, Ejutla, Ocotlán and Zimatlán.

This weekend’s event brings together around 70 producers and features mezcal degustations, a series of conferences where you can learn more about the products and the processes used to make them, and of course you can buy mezcal directly from the producers.

Segundo encuentro estatal de maestros del mezcal
11 – 12 December
Jardín el Pañuelito, Centro
(next to Santo Domingo)


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