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Instrumenta Oaxaca 2015


‘Fantasieren: ghosts of the past, echoes of the future’ is the theme for this year’s Instrumenta festival.  Held over 12 days the festival aims to support young talent and be a space that encourages the creation and enjoyment of contemporary music.  It seeks to rediscover the music of the past and see how this is projected towards the future.

This year the festival will present 16 concerts, including three world premieres commissioned especially for Instrumenta, a photographic and sound installation, conferences and workshops.

The festival will open on Wednesday, November 11 with a concert by La Orquesta Mexicana at Teatro Macedonio Alcalá.  This concert will include the world premiere of ‘Su aliento, su labio, su palabra (In ihiio, item, in itlahtol)’ by Mauricio Rodríguez.  The series of concerts will continue throughout the week with over 30 special guests including Canada’s Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Cuarteto Latinoamericano (Mexico), Pierre-Yves Artaud (France) and Nigel Shore (England).

The majority of concerts will be held at the Teatro Macedonio Alcalá however check the program for alternate locations and more details.

‘Dispersiones’ is a sound and visual experience inspired by the skies of Oaxaca.  The work is a collaboration between visual artist Gerardo Suter and composer Javier Álvarez and was officially opened at CASA on the 25th of October as a prelude to the Instrumenta festival.  Make sure you don’t miss it.

All Instrumenta Oaxaca events are free.

Instrumenta Oaxaca
11 – 22 November



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