Thursday, June 8

Guelaguetza Gráfica


The Guelaguetza Gráfica is a 3 day event designed to promote and publicise the art of printmaking in Oaxaca.

An initiative of 15 arts collectives located in the city of Oaxaca, the Guelaguetza Gráfica will include demonstrations, workshops, forums, and an exhibition with the sale of original artworks.  The event will offer a connection, dialogue and a transmission of experiences between the collectives and the community;  it is an exploration of new techniques that will culminate in the dissemination of prints,  and expose the various challenges facing the technique of printmaking – the devaluation of art and the shortage of specialised spaces to sell and disseminate original works.

Workshops will include binding, screen printing, stencilling and other printing techniques.  Forums will reflect the past, present and future of Oaxacan printmaking with the participation of specialists such as Maestro Enrique Flores, Maestro Mariano Pineda, Maestro Gerardo Martínez, Maestra Berenice Torres, Dra. Laura de Mora, Maestro Plinio Ávila, Maestra Laura Valencia, Maestro Pavel Scarubi, Maestro Joel Redón, Maestro Demian Flores, Maestro Humberto Valdéz y Maestra Lourdes Baez.

The official inauguration will be at 7.30pm on Friday 24 July.

To participate in workshops contact

All events are free.

Guelaguetza Gráfica
24 – 26 July
10am – 9pm @ Pinacoteca de la UABJO
Corner of 5 de Mayo & Morelos, Centro


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