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‘Gran Formato’ – IAGO


The Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca (IAGO) will begin 2016 with an exhibition of large-format graphics, titled ‘Gran Formato.’

In this exhibition you can admire the work of artists Sean Scully, Vicente Rojo, Fernando Aceves Humana, René Almanza, Juan Soriano, Alberto Gironella, Mario Benedetti, Dr. Lakra, Emi Winter, Sergio Hernández, Demián Flores, Sabino Guisu, Francisco Toledo, Jim Dine and Ricardo Pinto.

As stated by Guillermo Santos, this meeting of works from different origins can be seen as an attempt to give meaning to the plurality of ways in which art is presented to us. “The idea of a ‘Gran Formato’ serves to plot coordinates or redirect certain combinations in to more habitable settings. Precisely, we find ourselves in front of these works that are like an endless mosaic of interpretations, we need roads or paths in order to understand them.”

According to Guillermo Santos, work in large formats “requires a skill that few artists have, and that it has been concentrated in IAGO is a noteworthy event.” He adds that when a group of artists unite, the viewer believes that they are observing a sort of map of time, or that it is possible to glimpse the style of the period. “However, the idea of a generation is perhaps the least appropriate in this case, though obviously almost all the artists have worked in Mexico in the previous decades. What perhaps one can realize is affinities, although sometimes these are not choices.”

These pieces are part of the José F. Gómez collection which was created by artist Francisco Toledo several decades ago.

You can discover the works by participating artists at the inauguration of ‘Gran Formato’ at 7pm on Friday, January 29.

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a series of activities throughout February and March.

‘Gran Formato’
7pm, January 29
IAGO, Macedonio Alcalá 507, Centro

Sin título. Dr Lakra

Untitled – Dr. Lakra

gran formato


Cover artwork: Untitled by Sergio Hernández


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