Sunday, May 28

FieStar Wars Fundraising Party


Star Wars fans get ready!  Not only is the new film released this week but Txalaparta will be hosting FieStar Wars – a Star Wars themed party in support of the Bibliotecas Verdes (Green libraries) project implemented by the non-profit association  Solidaridad Internacional Kanda A.C. (SiKanda).

The Bibliotecas Verdes project aims to provide children and youth who attend underprivileged public schools in the area surrounding the largest landfill in the state of Oaxaca with decent, active and transformative school libraries built with a certified technique using recycled materials.  In this area internet access is limited and there are no libraries or spaces for children to come together, research or read comfortably. SiKanda is instilling a passion for books, providing appropriate learning environments, and creating a healthier environment and community ties.

You can read more about the project (and donate) here.

Costumes are encouraged and there will be free mezcal and beer for those who come dressed up.  There will also be a raffle (prizes include an ipod nano), giveaways and surprises.

Entry is $30 pesos.

FieStar Wars
8pm, December 15
Txalaparta Bar

* With text from the Indigogo fundraising campaign.


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