Thursday, June 8

Festival Oaxaca


This month, starting April 25th, Oaxaca will be celebrating the 482nd anniversary of the official proclamation of Oaxaca as a city.

Running for two weeks, Festival Oaxaca is a huge event featuring a range of music and dance performances, art exhibitions, films, theatre, parades and literary events.  Performers will include Susana Harp, Ana Díaz, Natalia Cruz and Paulina y el Buscapie.   Major venues include Teatro M. Alcala, Plaza de la Danza, el Jardín Pañuelito and the Santo Domingo cultural centre.  There will also be events in many smaller locations as well as on the streets of Oaxaca.  All events are free.

Make sure you don’t miss the special anniversary concert on the 25th of April.  It will feature an incredible 482 musicians and will be followed by a huge fireworks display.   There will also be an ‘Homenaje to Oaxaca’ concert on the 4th of May featuring the Oaxaca Symphony Orchestra.

You can see the full program below, or check the daily activities on our events pages.


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