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MIDA International Dance Festival


If you love dancing don’t miss the 18th Muestra Internacional de Danza Oaxaca opening in Oaxaca this Saturday, March 5.

The international dance festival will bring together dancers and choreographers from Oaxaca, Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla, as well as groups from this year’s guest countries: Spain, Argentina, Ecuador and the USA.

Featuring contemporary, classical, traditional and urban dance, all performances are free and will be held at Teatro Juárez, Teatro Macedonio Alcalá and Jardín Pañuelito (next to Santo Domingo).  You can see the full calendar of events below or you can download it here.

For more information on the festival check the MIDO website or follow them on Facebook.

MIDA International Dance Festival
5 – 12 March 2016


mida programa

Cover photo credit: MIDA 2015


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