Sunday, June 4

Corona Music Fest 2014 – Gallery


On Saturday May 24th the Corona Music Fest tour finally made it to the city of Oaxaca –  what an amazing night!

We saw Boxer, Jumbo, La Gusana Ciega, DLD, Kinky, and Cafe Tacvba.   It’s hard to pick highlights as the reality is that all the bands played amazing sets that kept the crowd dancing.  That said, we did seriously enjoy singing along to La Gusana Ciega’s ‘No Puedo Verte’, and we might have been more than a little excited when DLD played ‘Arsenico’.  The rain held off, the crowd was enthusiastic (and threw a lot less beer than last year), and everyone was happy.  Cafe Tacvba, celebrating their 25th anniversary, closed the concert with a long set that included ‘Aprovéchate de Mí’, ‘Eres’, ‘Cómo te extraño’ and ‘Las Flores’, as well as some fantastic synchronised dancing.

Here are a few photos we took at the concert.  Enjoy!


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