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Circuito Xochimilco Oaxaca


Circuito Xochimilco is a new, temporary artistic platform designed to share and connect the community with a range of artistic and cultural projects within the barrio of Xochimilco, Oaxaca.

The idea for Circuito Xochimilco came from Trayectivo, Parallel Oaxaca, Laboratorio Oaxaca and El Huacal, all independent art projects with different natures but similar purposes – they are searching for ways to make visible the projects around Xochimilco and to explore what art can create inside the community.  Overall, Circuito Xochimilco is about opening the spaces to new audiences who want to see a different perspective of Oaxaca.  It is planned as an annual festival.

We spoke to the organisers and asked them what it is that makes Xochimilco so special.

“Xochimilco is special for many reasons.  One of them is because of its weaving tradition that is very connected to the history of the city itself, lets say that Xochimilco has been weaving Oaxaca itself from there.   Another one is because right now it somehow fosters commmunity, there are lots of young families and also many artist coming together for a special vibe that this place has.  One example is the Xochimilco Organic Market that every weekend allows the community to participate and communicate what is important. And for me, the most important reason is because Xochimilco allows and invites you to create new ways to explore different forms of art.

El Barrio de Xochimilco is also very special because it’s a good example of the identitity of Oaxaca that mixes local tradition with international scenarios, which creates a special place that constantly reinforces the tradition but also builds global perspectives. For example, in the last year new independent iniciatives have arisen that imagine what other communication possibilities can be created through art and culture, and are looking forward to strengthening the communication between artists, creators, students and audiences.”

The program includes a range of diverse cultural activities including music, exhibitions and the Trayectivo art walk.  There are over 15 artists participating including Enrique Maraver, Pauline Stork, Camila Farina, Sergio Verastegui, Marco Albert, Burkhardt Stangl, Gudinni curtain, Juan Jose Rivas, Enso Collective, Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins, and Innovating tradition BC.

You can see the full program below.  For regular updates check the Facebook event page.

Circuito Xochimilco Oaxaca
27 March – 1 April
Various locations around Oaxaca

cicuito xochi
circuito xochimilco



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