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Circuito Indio by Vive Latino


If you’re a fan of live music it’s time to get excited: Circuito Indio by Vive Latino launches this Thursday, May 11 Txalaparta with a concert by rock favourites Kill Aniston and Sputnik!

So what is Circuito Indio? It’s a series of tours presenting high quality artists in some of the best venues in the country. Featuring both emerging and established as well as national and international artists the tours will travel to 12 cities including Oaxaca. The goal is to make music more accessible to those who are outside the country’s major entertainment centres by decentralising and diversifying the music on offer. It’s about bands getting back to their roots and connecting with their fans in small venues,meaning that you can get up close and personal with your favourite musicians.

Circuito Indio is based on cycles, each lasting four weeks. There are 7 cycles planned for 2017 and each one will present 12 artists in 12 venues around the country each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Genres include: Distortion – artists identified by rock and related styles, from metal to urban, punk, hardcore, surf and rockabilly; Fusion – projects that like hybridisation and exploration of diverse musical identities like reggae, ska, hop-hop, jazz, mestizo rock and world music; and Indie – proposals dedicated to melodic exploration and linked to genres such as indie, electronic music, folk, and alternative pop.

The first cycle will present the following bands: Jumbo, Thermo, Kill Aniston, Canseco, Sputnik, Descartes a Kant, Golden Ganga, Los Daniels, Serbia, Belafonte Sensacional, San Pedro el Cortez, Pato Machete, Dharius, Blackvoid, Les Deuxluxes, Sonido San Francisco, La Furia con Lujuria Sonidera, Costera, Salvador y el Unicornio, Madame Recamier, Los Impacientes and Luis Tolidos.

Not familiar with all the bands? Don’t worry – check out the videos below. You can also listen to the official Spotify Circuito Indio playlist here:

To get all the details you’ll need to download the Circuito Indio app.  You can use it to search for gigs by venue or band name and it also features band profiles including links to websites, social media and festival schedules.  There are also exclusive benefits available through the app such as meet and greets with the artists so make sure you follow closely!

Tickets for cycle one are on sale now and are also available through the app (using the E-ticket platform). If not already sold out there may be tickets available on the door.

In Oaxaca, all concerts will be held at Txalaparta. Here’s the schedule for Ciclo 1:

Thursday, May 11
Kill Aniston  &  Sputnik

Friday, May 12

Blackvoid  &  Les Deuxluxes

Saturday, May 13
Los Daniels  &  Serbia

Thursday, May 18
Descartes a Kant

Friday, May 19
Luis Tolidos   &   Los Impacientes

Saturday, May 20
Pato Machete   &   Dharius

Thursday, May 25

Friday, May 26
Belafonte Sensacional   &  San Pedro el Cortez

Saturday, May 27
Sonido San Francisco   &   La Furia con Lujuria Sonidera

Thursday, June 1

Friday, June 2
Golden Ganga

Saturday, June 3
Costera    &   Salvador y el Unicornio


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