Thursday, June 8

Circuito Indio Ciclo 2


Circuito Indio, the highly anticipated series of concerts organised by the folks at Vive Latino, launched on May 11 in 12 cities around the country.  Oaxaca kicked off in spectacular style with performances by Kill Aniston, Sputnik, Blackvoid, Les Deuxluxes, Los Daniels and Serbia – and that was just the first weekend!

It’s a big undertaking – 3 concerts in 12 cities every week – but this is a program that has been really well put together.  The lineup is excellent, the sound is great, and it really is amazing to see such high quality bands in a small venue like Txalaparta.  Jumbo and Los Daniels brought in the biggest crowds but audiences, if sometimes small, have been enthusiastic for all the shows including the lesser known bands, which is great to see.  Our favourites so far?  Les Deuxluxes, Los Daniels and Descartes a Kant.

Txalaparta has made a few changes to the space including alterations to the stage and the addition of a new entrance to separate the concert space (downstairs) from the mezcalería and the terrace and it’s working well.

The second cycle of concerts will bring the following bands to Oaxaca: Joliette, Hong Kong Blood Opera, Esteman, Arianna Puello, Nunca Jamás, Monos Piratas, The Plastics Revolution, Los Románticos de Zacatecas, La Sucursal de la Cumbia, Digital Charanga, Yokozuna, Sexy Zebras, Candy, Vaya Futuro, Sotomayor, MYLKO, Jessy Bulbo, Carmen Costa, Simpson Ahuevo, Carla Morrison and Jandro.  After an almost entirely male lineup last cycle we’re happy to see a lot more women included in the tour this month!

If you’re not familiar with all the bands then this is the perfect opportunity to discover some new music.  To help you along we’ve posted videos from all the groups below.

Tickets for cycle two are on sale now and are available through the app (using the E-ticket platform) or at Txalaparta.  Prices vary but are cheaper if you buy them in advance.  We’ll be giving away tickets for some of the shows so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page!

Here’s the schedule for Ciclo 2:

Thursday, June 8
Joliette   &   Hong Kong Blood Opera

Friday, June 9

Saturday, June 10
Arianna Puello

Thursday, June 15
Nunca Jamás  &   Monos Piratas

Friday, June 16
The Plastics Revolution   &   Los Romanticos de Zacatecas

Saturday, June 17
La Sucursal de Cumbia   &   Digital Charanga

Thursday, June 22
Yokozuna   &   Sexy Zebras

Friday, June 23
Candy  &  Vaya Futuro

Saturday, June 24
Sotomayor   &   MYLKO

Thursday, June 29
Jessy Bulbo   &  Carmen Costa

Friday, June 30
Simpson Ahuevo

Saturday, July 1
Carla Morrison   &   Jandra


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