Thursday, June 8

Ayud-ARTE – Support Oaxaca’s Homeless


This Saturday Colectivo Mochante will be hosting the first ‘ayud-ARTE‘, an event to support the homeless people of Oaxaca.

The event starts at 12pm and will feature a concert by local bands including Roy Roy’s, Dahlia, Anker Jazz Trio, Bin Roll, and The Bird Breains.  There will also be photographic and lithographic exhibitions.

The group will be collecting the following items:  canned foods, packet soup, cereals (beans, rice, lentils), bottled water, milk (liquid or powdered), biscuits, clothes and shoes (please make sure these are in good condition).

So gather your friends and head down to the Zocalo tomorrow at 12pm to support this great cause.
We’ll see you there.



  1. Hi Laurie, sorry to hear you had some trouble finding this event, we had a similar experience. We were told that the group had been moved on from their original spot next to the iglesia and were further in under the Laurel tree. We were able to donate our items there. The poster and info was provided by the organisers. Thanks for your interest in supporting local events.

  2. I wonder if other folks had the same problem I had in finding you … I walked around the zocalo asking various people (Yes, I speak Spanish), carrying a heavy bag of clothing and beans … and finally donated what I brought to the protesters, which I feel quite good about.
    You also posted the time as “12:00 AM” — which is midnight, and which I’m sure you didn’t eman … though I might be wrong & maybe that’ why I couldn’t find you.

    Considering how full the zocalo is these days, any other spot — ANY, would be easier to navigate with a heavy bag.

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