Sunday, May 28

Aventureros del Mezcal – Promoting the culture of mezcal


Want to buy your mezcal directly from the producers but don’t know how?

Last week we were invited to the launch of Aventureros del Mezcal, an interesting new social enterprise project designed to link producers of mezcal directly with consumers.

The aim of the project is to help small, local producers of mezcal with the commercialisation of their product – a process that can often be long and complicated.  Aventureros del Mezcal will simplify this process by providing assistance and support to producers, as well as a website that enables direct online sales.

Check out this great animation to see how it works.

When buying your mezcal directly from the producers through the Aventureros del Mezcal online store you can be sure that they’re receiving a fair price for their product.  You will also be able to see exactly what type of mezcal you’re buying, the production process, and the community where it was made.

The Aventureros project supports local agave-producing communities and their traditions of artisanal mezcal, and contributes to the conservation of Oaxaca’s native agave plants.

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