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Art in Oaxaca – Five exhibitions to see in October


Autumn reveals the twilight of the year in the city, and as these last months approach there are also many activities, celebrations, exhibitions and visitors coming to the capital of Oaxaca. Like every month, we bring you some recommendations to go out walking in the cool October afternoons to go in search of art in the museums and galleries of Oaxaca.



Photo: Rafael E. Lozano


Guillermo Santos describes the most recent exhibition by Sabino Guisu as “an abstract space where the highly symbolic world of the Zapotecs coexists with the electric and profane modernity”. With these adjectives, Guillermo introduces the viewers to an atmosphere that has been meticulously created within the exhibition space at the Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca (IAGO) in which one can evoke, at the same time, the rituality of some archaeological burial, as well as the underground flash of some futuristic scene.

Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca (IAGO) Alcalá:
Macedonio Alcalá 507, Centro, Oaxaca
Wednesday to Monday 9:30am – 8pm


Photo: Fausto Nahúm · Courtesy of Tingladography


Within the framework of the Oaxacan Photography Biennial (BFO) 2018, Tingladography presents “Silver Gelatin in Oaxaca”; an exhibition whose only guiding thread (as its name implies) brings together a series of diverse photographs in terms of themes and protagonists, but homogeneous in their printing process. This exhibition is, in turn, a brief pulse of the scene and the offerings of photographers in Oaxaca who through this traditional printing method (in silver gelatin) find a favourable medium for their expression. The black and white photographs exhibited are by artists such as: Regina Mejía, Daniel Lucero, Silvaín González, Alejandra Ortega, Conrado López Ruiz, María Luisa Santos, Citlalli Fabián, Negro Ibáñez, Fausto Nahúm y Jalil Olmedo.

García Vigil 212, Centro, Oaxaca
Open every day from 11am – 2.30pm and 5-9pm 


Foto: Cortesía de Larimar Galería


#UstedNoEstáAquí (You are not here) is the title of the first individual exhibition by Frank Coronado, graphic designer and Oaxacan photographer. Through a visual essay, the artist explores the relationship that the symbol commonly associated with the “virtual location” (a red circle) can have when it is decontextualised from its original medium and put into dialogue, first, with intervened urban and natural landscapes, and secondly, with the spectators of said incursion. The exhibition opened at the Larimar Gallery on September 27 and can be visited until November 7.

Galería Larimar
Benito Juárez 500, Centro, Oaxaca
Monday to Friday 11am – 8pm, Saturday 11am – 3pm and Sundays by appointment


Art by Beatriz Rivas · Detail by Rafael E. Lozano


Framed within the series of graphic arts workshops they are organising, Espacio Artístico Xicoténcatl is hosting the work of Taller Gráfica Libre, a space for production, teaching and promotion of graphic arts located in Zaachila, Oaxaca. In the words of the artists Beatriz and Adrián (founders of Taller Gráfica Libre): “This exhibition shows two different ways of seeing and doing, respecting the tradition in the technique. The proposal is the image as both the evidence and result of our individual creative and technical processes”

Espacio Artístico Xicoténcatl
Xicoténcatl 303, Centro, Oaxaca
Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm and 4-8pm, Saturdays 10am – 2pm


Photo: Rafael E. Lozano


Galería la Rueda is currently showing Animaetik (day of the dead in Tzotzil), an exhibition of paintings and collective community mural in which twelve artists of Maya and Zoque origin are exhibited: Antún Kojtom, Alberto Tonjol, Alux Antún, Pedro Gómez, Carlos Jiménez, Antón Vaz, Maruch Méndez, Gerardo K’ulej, Darwin Cruz, Raymundo López, Carlos de la Cruz y Saúl Kak. The creators are associated with the MUY art space, a gallery in San Cristóbal de las Casas that focuses on the current and contemporary art of native peoples in Chiapas.  Their work will be exhibited in Galería la Rueda – inside the Restaurant la Biznaga- during October and November.

Galería la Rueda
García Vigil 512, Centro, Oaxaca


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