Thursday, June 8

Abasto de Letras – Festival Cultural


The Abasto de Letras cultural festival returns to Oaxaca this month with a series of art exhibitions, theatre and poetry performances, talks, book presentations and music.  There will also be a drive in theatre featuring films from the US, Spain and Germany.

What makes this festival unique is that instead of utilising the traditional cultural spaces such as theatres and galleries these events will be held in the Central de Abasto market among the stalls of fruit, vegetables and clothing, in the dining rooms and cellars, and in the car park.  The festival is a collaboration between local artists and merchants – the artists participate free of charge and the vendors support the program by offering their spaces within the market.

You can see the full program here and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook for daily updates.

The festival runs from November 12 – 15 and all events are free.

Abasto de Letras 2014
12 – 15 November
Mercado de Abastos, Oaxaca

abasto map

abasto de letras


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