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Do you want to learn Spanish? There’s no better place to do it than right here in Oaxaca!
Check out our guide to the city’s best Spanish schools and find the one that’s right for you.

amigos del sol logoAmigos del Sol

Amigos del Sol is a small Spanish language school in the suburb of San Felipe. We’ve been teaching Spanish since 1998 and our professional teachers are all native speakers and university trained. They have many years of experience teaching Spanish at all levels.

Here at Amigos del Sol our classes are small, with only 3 students per class at the same Spanish level. This gives each student more opportunities to speak and learn. We have a number of courses available, including:

Spanish for Everyone: Conversational Spanish while learning grammar.

Spanish for Travellers: This course focuses on daily situations such as restaurants, stores, bus stations,
and other common travel situations.

Spanish for Universities: We offer tailor-made courses to visiting university groups.

Spanish for Total Immersion: This course includes 3 or more hours of Spanish each day, an
intercambio, and a home stay with a local family.

• We also offer Medical Spanish classes, ‘Spanish on the Road‘ – an opportunity to learn and practice
Spanish while exploring the City of Oaxaca, and private lessons.

Our schedules are flexible and range from short one day courses (eg Spanish for Travellers) to intensive 30 hour per week courses. You can see more informaton regarding schedules and pricing on our website. You can start any day of the week (Monday – Sunday) and discounts are available for groups or multiple weeks.

We also offer extra activities such as intercambios, tours, cooking classes and a transportation service.

Our school is located in the suburb of San Felipe, ten mintues from the centre of Oaxaca. If you’re staying in the centre of town we can provide transport to and from the school. We can also help you arrange your accmmodation and have many homestay options with local families.

We are involved in the local community and offer English lessons through our special program for adult learners and children.

Contact us to find out more and book your classes!

Click here to visit our website!


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Becari Conzatti

Becari Conzatti is a medium size, dynamic Spanish language school geared towards highest quality academic teaching and active learning services. More than 40% of our students join through personal recommendations of former clients.

We host students of every age, from 4 year old kids to seniors as well as groups from universities in the USA and Europe. The average age of our students is around 35 years and the nationality mix is roughly 70% Americans, 15% Europeans, 5% Asian and 10% others.

We offer programs of 3, 4 or 6 hours of Spanish lessons, or alternatively 4 hours tuition plus a 2 hour workshop, every day from Monday to Friday. Most of our students prefer the 9am to 1pm program and then organise their afternoon activities as the week advances. This can be done through Becari or individually. Intermediate and advanced students can engage in historical, cultural, political and artistic activities plus a range of other topics.

We also offer the Volunteer Program which consists of 4 hours of volunteering and 3 or 4 hours of Spanish lessons. You can decide if you want to have your classes privately or in a group. You will also get a 10% discount on the regular tuition prices. The Volunteer Program enrolment fee goes directly to the organisation as a donation from you. Your classes will be in the afternoon from 3pm until either 6pm or 7pm, depending on your program . Your volunteer work will be from 9am – 1pm everyday except Saturdays.

Our Salsa Dance Program consists of two hours of Spanish lessons and two hours of professional salsa dance through Salsa Retreat.

A homestay with a carefully selected Mexican family will cost $140USD per week including breakfast. Your host family will pick you up at the Oaxaca International Airport upon arrival. If you prefer to stay in a hotel or apartment we can recommend two hotels which are located only a 5-10 minute walk from Becari. There is also a nice bed and breakfast just across the street from our school which costs $18USD per night.

Included in the standard tuition price is a series of ‘Cultural Wednesday’ lectures with local personalities. These lectures are 1 – 2 hours long and include speakers such as women from local indigenous communities who will discuss their way of living, yoga teachers, painters, alebrije makers. We also screen Mexican movies on Friday afternoons.

In addition Becari offers free language ‘intercambios’ with local English students and free internet access on two computers from 9am to 7pm. We also offer the following workshops: salsa dance, traditional weaving, cooking, wooden animal carving (alebrijes), and guitar lessons. Excursions and workshops take place every day and are usually arranged on the spot. There is an additional cost of $5-10USD per workshop or excursion.

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Becari M. Bravo

Learn Spanish and live the Culture with us.

We are very happy to introduce you to Becari M. Bravo. We are located a few blocks north of the zócalo (main square) in a three hundred year old building. We have been teaching Spanish as a Second Language for more than 20 years and specialize in offering many different options for any person interested in learning our beautiful Spanish language. We are a medium size school with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which prides itself on careful and sustained attention to each student regardless of his or her level of proficiency. Our staff of qualified teachers have ample experience in the field of Spanish as a second language.

At Becari M. Bravo we offer different programs according to the student’s individual needs, making it possible to advance more rapidly in one’s knowledge and practice of Spanish. We emphasize in oral communication and grammar lessons tailored to the student’s level of Spanish.

We welcome every new situation we encounter in the wide range of students who come to our school.

Our regular program consists of three hour classes in small groups, five days a week, divided into two sessions with a different teacher for each session. The intensive program includes four hour classes, divided evenly between two different teachers. The super intensive program of six hours daily is also divided between two or three teachers.

Special Programs and packages:

1.- One on one lessons

2.-Spanish for volunteers

3.- Health professionals (social workers)

4.- Medical Spanish

5.- Spanish for children

6.- Zapotec lessons

7.- Keeping mi español (2 to 4 hours of lessons per week, special package for retired students)

8.- Extend your Spanish via Skype

Becari M. Bravo is flexible in its scheduling, and a student can enter for as little as one day or for a lengthy, indefinite period of study.

Teaching Techniques

Our Mexican teachers are all certified experts in teaching the essential skills of writing, reading, speaking and listening to our beautiful language.

Becari M. Bravo is convinced that our students can really master Spanish if they understand the cultural and historical aspects of Latin America and Mexico. We therefore provide additional opportunities to extend their learning by living with a Mexican host family and/or learning about Pre-Hispanic culture, Latin America/Mexico history, literature and politics. This could be through extra activities like special workshops that include classes in salsa dancing, Mexican cooking, weaving lessons and ceramics as well as art lectures and films.

We want to offer our students an unforgettable stay in Oaxaca!


Español Interactivo Language School

At Español Interactivo Language School, we focus on teaching you Spanish and developing your conversational skills. Our instruction is designed to develop, improve and/or perfect conversational ability, and Spanish grammar in a motivating atmosphere.

Why Español Interactivo?

PRACTICE SPEAKING: In the classroom, exploring Oaxaca, or a combination of both. Our courses are as intensive and for as long as you need.

PERSONALIZE YOUR EXCURSIONS: To surrounding villages, or sites within the city, that focus on the Spanish you’ve learned in class and enhance your cultural education: exploring gastronomy, art, or whatever interests you.

QUICKER, PERSONALIZED LEARNING: We plan learning strategies with you and monitor your progress, with the goal of improving your oral expression.

19 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Courses approved by FIDESCU and Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca. We are also a founding member of ASESEO (Asociación de Escuelas de Español de Oaxaca).

STUDY MATERIALS: All fees include practical take-home study materials.

Teaching Philosophy

We teach you to communicate effectively, by constantly giving you opportunities to express your own ideas, and understand others’ ideas.

Conversational skills are the objective. Our class materials contain relevant language meant for practical usage and designed to enhance your creativity: like a Lego set that helps structure your ideas, you will learn how to use this Spanish to communicate, starting on Day 1 of your course.


Stay with a local family and experience Mexican culture firsthand. Families live just around the corner from our school, or maximum four blocks away from us and the zócalo. Please fill out our online registration form which will give us your arrival and departure dates, as well as any specific requirements you may have.


  • Group
  • Private
  • Specialized (Education, Healthcare, Social Work, Law Enforcement, Social Sciences, and Tourism)
  • Personalized preparation classes for International Spanish Diploma (D.I.E.) exams

With all intensive courses you have the option of combining regular class time with specialized sessions, such as:

  • Cultural excursions
  • Colloquialisms
  • Mexican idioms
  • Specific grammatical concepts

Please contact us for more information, we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 13.04.13Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca has been teaching Spanish as a second language since 1984. The school offers intensive programs to students from all over the world in the lively cultural setting of Oaxaca.

The Instituto is located in a welcoming 19th century estate house surrounded by private gardens in the colonial center of the city. Spanish language classes with native speakers are conducted entirely in Spanish to motivate the students to develop their language abilities, creating proficiency in communication.

In addition to Spanish language classes, students have the opportunity to participate in cultural workshops and activities, in the Intercambio program with members of the community and in optional excursions to nearby places of interest. Students can enjoy their stay in the home of a Oaxacan family, in a posada with a private room and a shared kitchen, in a comfortable apartment, or in a hotel.

Spanish Language Programs

These special programs are designed for students who are interested in covering specific needs pertaining to the language or culture of Oaxaca and Mexico. Students have the opportunity to take formal language classes appropriate to their level, apply what is learned in group conversations, further develop comprehension and speaking abilities in cultural workshops, and synthesize the language and culture through experiences with an intercambio with members of the community.

The Instituto offers a Spanish Immersion course which includes a solid grammatical base and focus on communicative abilities, presented within a cultural context which allows the student to develop the four language skills: oral expression, written expression, auditory comprehension and reading comprehension. The Spanish Immersion course is taught in small groups, exclusively in Spanish, by native speakers with university degrees and years of teaching experience.

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logo-whiteOaxaca International

At Oaxaca International we pride ourselves on being small, flexible and attentive to your needs. We are equally proud of our understanding of our language and culture and our goal is to share them with you in the best possible way.

To help achieve this, we have developed our own materials for each level of Spanish that we offer (basic, intermediate, advanced and superior), and have designed our classroom and cultural activities with great care. A maximum of 4 students per class allows us to give you personal attention and meet the needs of each individual student. We believe that at Oaxaca International, students of all ages and nationalities will find a quality staff filled with knowledge, care, professionalism, compassion, and motivation – all the necessary tools to help you fulfil your goals and make your stay here extremely satisfying and rewarding.

At Oaxaca International, we take our students on cultural excursions twice every week. These are not the common tourist excursions but rather visits to artisans we know personally in surrounding villages or to less well-known cultural locations in the city. For example, most weavers will explain the use of cochineal, the insects which produce the intense red dye, but we take you to the cochineal ‘farm’ so you can see and learn about how these insects are raised. In this way, our excursions are designed to help our students ‘go deeper’ into Oaxacan culture. These excursions are free for students and we often create new excursions based on the interests of our students.

The school is in an excellent location, just four blocks from the main square or Zocalo, one block from the San Pablo Cultural Centre and the Textile Museum, four blocks from Santo Domingo Church, and two blocks from the Alcalá Theater in the Historic Center of the city, where there are many concerts, dances, and public events.

The founder and director of the school, Ileana Jimenez, holds a diploma from La Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) in the Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language, and a degree in Tourism Business Administration. She has also worked extensively as a private tutor. Based on her own experiences, she has hand-tailored the workbooks for the school focusing on the various levels of Spanish. As a descendant of a family of Oaxacan artisans, she is proud of her roots, her language, and her culture. She enjoys sharing her rich heritage with her students. The director has also selected the other teachers for their proven ability to help students learn Spanish. Oaxaca International is a member of the Oaxaca Union of Spanish as a Second Language Schools and a member of Command Spanish Inc., one of the leaders in Spanish teaching for business and professionals throughout North America.

We hope that you can become part of our Oaxacan family and that you’ll come here to enjoy an enriching and satisfying learning experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, write, or email us so that we can be of further assistance.

[email protected]

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Ollin Tlahtoalli: Centro de Español y Cultura en Oaxaca, México

Ollin Tlahtoalli is a Spanish and Culture Center in Oaxaca, Mexico founded in 2007 by a group of Oaxacan educators committed to fair social, economic and educational practices. Students at Ollin do not only improve their Spanish, they also gain a better understanding of the local culture, discuss social issues and engage in meaningful and engaging conversations while improving their communication skills. Our teachers include experts in Latin American History, Literature, Economics and Education. Actually, Ollin is a place that offers professional development programs to teachers in Mexico, the US and Canada. Students at Ollin often volunteer in our social programs, visit different communities and become part of our Ollin family. We invite you to come and learn more about our classes and our projects.

Plan with us

Spanish and content classes are offered throughout the year, either on a personalized basis or in small groups (2-3 students). We do not ask our students to pay an application fee or in advance. We simply ask you to contact us before coming so that we can talk about your previous language experience and expectations. One of our main goals is to tailor your classes to better suit your level and your learning styles. You are also welcome to simply stop by and meet us.

For more information, visit us at
Facebook: @ollin.tlahtoalli

Te esperamos en nuestro Centro Ollin Tlahtoalli. ¡Nos dará gusto conocerte!


spanish immersion school logo

Spanish Immersion School

The Spanish Immersion School is committed to teaching you Spanish and sharing with you the wonderful diversity of Oaxaca. We do this by holding classes in important cultural settings around the city and by hosting students on amazing excursions to points of interest all around the valley.

We offer individual tailor-made lessons in cultural settings around the city such as libraries, parks and cafes as well as at the residence where students are staying. This gives you an opportunity to work comfortably in the areas of Spanish language where you have most interest. It also enables our teachers to focus on your individual aims and interests, helping you improve your Spanish in a way that’s relevant to you.

Our students can decide how many hours of instruction they want per week, and when the course begins and ends. A private teacher will work with the student to develop an individualised curriculum that addresses the student’s specific needs and Spanish requirements. The custom-tailored curriculum can include:

• Communication Skills • Pronunciation & • Vocabulary Building
• Writing Skills • Listening Skills • Grammar Review

Private Classes are available Monday to Friday, between 9am and 7pm, and evening and weekend classes are available upon request. We also offer classes via Skype.

Please contact us to discuss your specific goals. We will be happy to put together a program that fits your needs and schedule.


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