Nano Concerts – Paulina y el Buscapié


Nano Concerts is a fantastic way to hear local music: three 20 minute concerts in three separate locations.

The October edition of Nano Concerts will be held on Friday, 28th at 7pm and will feature Dúo Crescendo (classical guitar), Paulina y el Buscapié and a surprise musical guest.  Each concert will last for 20 minutes and you’ll have ten minutes to get to the next venue.  Venues include IAGO Juárez, IAGO Alcalá and Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo (CFMAB).

There are only twenty five places for each concert so make sure you get a ticket early.  You can buy them from any of the venues and there are three routes to choose from:

  • CFMAB – IAGO Alcalá – IAGO Juárez
  • IAGO Alcalá – IAGO Juárez – CFMAB
  • IAGO Juárez – CFMAB – IAGO Alcalá

Tickets cost $60 ($20 per concert).



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