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Guelaguetza 2017

Every year as the calendar flicks over to July, the streets of Oaxaca start to buzz with Guelaguetza fever and the ever-colorful calles of the city fill with ...

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    La Botica

    Botica:  An establishment or place where the pharmacist prepares medicines in an artisanal way. It’s been raining these last few weeks in Oaxaca, and all my sneakers have ...

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    Art in Oaxaca – June 2017

    Spring has brought Oaxaca some unusually high temps this year. It has also brought some especially great art exhibitions, which is not at all unusual for our culturally ...

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    Sketches to Feel Better about the Future

    Katie Swietlik is a visual artist who works primarily in photography.  Originally from Chicago, she now calls Oaxaca home.  We caught up with Katie to talk about her ...

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    Circuito Indio Concert Tour Ciclo 3

    Circuito Indio launches its third cycle of concerts on Thursday, July 6 with a performance by metal band Ágora. The popular concert series organised by Vive Latino will ...

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    Circuito Indio Ciclo 2

    Circuito Indio, the highly anticipated series of concerts organised by the folks at Vive Latino, launched on May 11 in 12 cities around the country.  Oaxaca kicked off ...

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    Circuito Indio by Vive Latino

    If you’re a fan of live music it’s time to get excited: Circuito Indio by Vive Latino launches this Thursday, May 11 Txalaparta with a concert by rock favourites ...

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    CONVIVIO: A Creative Space

    Convivio taken literally means to ‘co-exist’, but in Mexico and Central America the word is often used to refer to an informal get-together or gathering, often involving food. ...

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    Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca

    Officially opened in 1998, the Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca (or ethnobotanic garden), was designed by Oaxacan artist Francisco Toledo as an alternative to the government’s plan to develop ...

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    The town of Zaachila was one of the last strongholds of the Zapotec people and is named after Zaachila Yoo, the 14th/15th century Zapotec leader.   While the area ...

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