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Qué Pasa con… Rodolfo Castellanos

Oaxacan food is a way of living woven together by ingredients, traditions and ancient techniques that  are still present in our everyday lives. Its flavours offer infinite possibilities ...

On 05/03/2016 / By

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On 04/13/2016

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  • oaxaca rex tour
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    Oaxaca Rex Tour

    Oaxaca will get an injection of live, independent music this weekend as the Oaxaca Rex Tour comes to the city for three nights of rock. The tour brings ...

    On 04/13/2016 / By
  • nano conciertos
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    Nano Conciertos #3

    Nano Concerts is a new way to hear local music: three 20 minute concerts in three separate locations. This, the third edition of Nano Concerts will be held on ...

    On 04/01/2016 / By
  • fieebre
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    Oaxaca, Fieebre and music with attitude

    A few days ago Mexican band Fieebre! started the promotional tour of El Tiempo, their second album, in Oaxaca City. The group’s emerging yet solid career kicked off first in ...

    On 03/29/2016 / By


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    The Vagina Monologues

    Rising to speak out after recent reports of the high numbers of murders and violence towards women in Oaxaca, a group of local women have come together to ...

    On 02/03/2016 / By
  • alejandra robles
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    Alejandra Robles

    Singer Alejandra Robles, the Banda Filarmónica Universitaria, poet Natalia Toledo and Zapoteco rap group Badubazendu will come together on Saturday, January 23 for a special concert to raise ...

    On 01/22/2016 / By
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    Trayectivo Cine

    Trayectivo Cine!  6 short films, 6 locations! Trayectivo Cine is the result of a crazy idea that now is seeing the light thanks to Luna Maran, founder and ...

    On 12/18/2015 / By


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    Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca

    Officially opened in 1998, the Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca (or ethnobotanic garden), was designed by Oaxacan artist Francisco Toledo as an alternative to the government’s plan to develop ...

    On 02/10/2016 / By
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    The town of Zaachila was one of the last strongholds of the Zapotec people and is named after Zaachila Yoo, the 14th/15th century Zapotec leader.   While the area ...

    On 02/04/2016 / By
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    The Magic of Oaxaca

    “Once I heard of a magical city and it’s name stayed with me: Oaxaca…”   ...

    On 12/28/2015 / By